Case Studies

Fen Technology’s engineers have successfully completed and delivered projects in many areas for clients ranging from small start-ups to large multi-national businesses.


Securecom Technologies Ltd. has achieved leadership through the development of breakthrough technology in mobile Personal Safety for the mass consumer and business markets.

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Cellular Infrastructure

NUJIRA is the leading supplier of ultra-high efficiency RF power amplifier technology. Nujira's High Accuracy Tracking (HATTM) Modulators for 3G, LTE, DVB and WiMAX power amplifiers enable infrastructure OEMs to design more power-efficient, smaller, and cheaper base stations to meet the increasingly demanding needs of operators and broadcasters worldwide.

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Digital TV

DekTec’s mission is to provide digital-TV professionals with innovative, best-in-class hardware and software components based on the cost-effective power of commercially-available PC hardware.

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RDT Ltd are recognised as leaders in telemedicine for aviation, maritime and remote land locations. The company specialises in compact and highly integrated vital signs monitors for non-medically trained, intermittent and professional users.

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Rapid Prototype Demonstrator

An internationally established human-interface technology company asked Fen to support them with the development of a rapid turnaround product demonstrator to help them target the mobile phone sector at the Mobile World Congress.

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Energy Metering Technology Ltd (EMT) was formed in 1993 by Colin Boughton-Smith to provide ‘turnkey’ solutions for energy and water management by the use of emerging technology advances in metering and communication systems. The company developed its own technology to support customer requirements and has evolved products and services to meet the ever increasing interest in energy management among corporations and government.

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Skills provided:

  • Project Management
  • Systems Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Software Design
  • FPGA Design
  • RF Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Design for manufacture
  • Design Verification
  • Production Test