About Us

Engineering great solutions through experience

Fen Technology

From project planning, system architecture and specification through to design implementation, we are experienced in budgeting, planning, risk assessment and mitigation. Our multi-disciplined teams have developed many products in a number of different technology areas, so can take full project responsibility or work alongside and integrate with our clients' own development teams.


Fen Technology commits to building open relationships with our clients, including the transfer of knowledge built up during the lifetime of a project. We do not seek to retain any IP generated as part of a client development project.


Fen Technology has a refreshing customer-oriented way of doing business. We recognise that we have a responsibility to meet our clients' objectives even though they may evolve during the lifetime of the project. Our Silicon Fen location provides us with a wealth of support services. This Fen Technology network encompasses chipset suppliers, highly specialised design houses, PCB and unit manufacturers and conformance test-houses.


Most team members have some 20+ years experience in the industry, and the core team have also worked together for nearly 20 years. This experience has taught us, often the hard way, to take a realistic approach to our project work. We make great efforts to assess and manage risk so as to offer practical advice and deliver projects within the requirements set down by our clients.

Our Services

Fen Technology engineers have a proven track record of excellence in meeting client needs for world class product development. We offer a comprehensive service, supporting clients from concept through to vendor selection, mass production and production test. Fen's engineers have experience of the different challenges faced by high volume consumer, low volume instrumentation and most other variations of product in between.