Digital and 3D printing

Fen partners with manufacturers of inkjet, laser, thermal and 3D printing systems to enhance their products and create new capabilities and offerings.

Provide your customers with fully automated processes based on real-time data

Fen’s expertise in electronics, software and system integration can be applied to additive manufacturing, ink management, material dosing, network interfaces and eco-system API design, and piezo design.

Deliver cost-efficiency and sustainability

Enable your users with a fully digital production system.

Reduce manual intervention, and focus on traceability, cost-efficiency, and sustainability. We have previously demonstrated that with network connectivity and well-considered APIs your customers can digitize 100% of their workflow.

Save time and consumables

Save valuable time and consumables by rejecting prints that show early signs of quality problems. Equip your printers with modern sensors and real-time data analysis. Abort print jobs early that show signs of poor quality. Eliminate pausing production systems for manual quality and safety inspection altogether.

Increase yields at every stage of the production process

Incorporate closed-loop control or artificial intelligence (AI) to dynamically adjust printer parameters. Fine-tune your systems, reduce errors, and enable more personalized and on-demand printing.

Domino Printing Sciences is a global provider of advanced variable data printing solutions to manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Domino worked with Fen as part of its programme to maximise printer reliability, with the goal of eradicating the operational and commercial impacts of unplanned outages for its customers.

Fen’s engineers have helped redesign 3D printers for mass production purposes. This work enabled 3D print farms to remotely create parts and automatically adjust post-production parameters which travel with the parts from CAD design through to packaging and shipment.

Print production and part manufacturers need the ability to integrate their machines into their processes. Once a device can ‘plug into’ an organisation, it makes its processes fully digital. With connected devices and a digital process, cost saving, energy saving and even waste material reduction becomes a simpler task.
Richard Prudence

High efficiency piezo driver

Fen’s engineering team has developed high efficiency piezo drivers for inkjet printing.

Relevant to manufacturers of piezo printheads and printhead drivers, the patented technique reduces power consumption by 90% and cost by 50%.

Granted under GB2564713, patent details can be found here. Get in touch via the contact page (button below) if you would like find out more.

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