New Product Development

We help start-ups and established businesses to create brand-new products and enhance their existing portfolios.

Develop your product without expanding your engineering team

We are a ready-made team of product development specialists that helps ambitious businesses create and enhance technology-enabled products.

Our clients range from global brands, such as Bosch and Schlumberger, to start-ups that you haven’t heard of yet.

Some ask us to develop brand-new, category-defining devices that have not been seen before. Others ask us to enhance an existing product, for example to add IoT connectivity because they lack the necessary expertise. Still others will simply ask us to re-engineer a product to reduce its cost or to manage component obsolescence. Yet, while they differ in size, market and motivation, they all enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced product development team.

Low Risk

An experienced, multidisciplinary team guides you through the design trade-offs, from earliest specification right through to manufacture and distribution, to deliver a product that meets your business needs.


We structure our engineering team to bring in skills as-and-when they are needed, even as requirements and priorities change (which they surely will). No one in this dynamic team is idle.

Focus on the business

You know that, however cool it is, the product is only part of your proposition. We let you focus on building the business – partners, channel development, financing – while we build the product.


Our team brings expertise in user-experience design, industrial and mechanical design, electronic engineering, and software development.

Product formats range from super-compact wearables, through hand-held devices to large-format products. The team has designed for harsh environments (up to IP67) and explosive environments (for ATEX certification).

Electronics disciplines include high speed digital (including MCU, CPU, DSP and FPGA), low-noise analog, and wireless systems. Software expertise includes embedded software for very lightweight systems, Linux, mobile and cloud systems.


This team has taken hundreds of products through the complete development process. Our engagement spans earliest requirements capture, via feasibility, prototyping, design verification and certification through to manufacturing introduction, and always with a focus on identify and reducing technical and commercial risks at the earliest opportunity.

Whether we start with a formal procurement specification or a concept sketched out on the proverbial napkin, a typical project will include the following steps:

Requirements capture

Identify functional and non-functional requirements. Identify commercial objectives. Understand the proposition: what value is delivered to whom and how?

Feasibility assessment

Design calculations, simulations and practical experiments to assess the viability of key performance parameters, with the aim of retiring technical risks.

Proof of concept

Early ‘lash-ups’ of key elements of the product or proposition. To engage internal and external stakeholders and to test facets of the product or proposition on end-users with the aim of retiring commercial risks.

High-level design

Initial consideration of the complete design, encompassing UX, industrial, mechanical, electronic and software strands, working through the set of trade-offs to ensure that the chosen design approach will meet both technical and commercial objectives.

Delivers a plan for the entire development, including engineering, test, design verification and manufacturing.

Detailed Design

Design and implementation of each subsystem.

Initial prototypes

First functional integration of detailed mechanical, electronic and software subsystems. Functionality may be incomplete and implementation may not be optimised, but goal is to gain early confidence in areas still deemed to present a technical risk. Practical evaluation of design, initial environmental, compliance and certification testing.

Pre-production prototypes

Complete, fully-functional and properly-tooled products, albeit manufactured in small numbers. Subjected to complete design verification, environmental, compliance and certification testing. Manufacturing test and device provisioning readiness.

Transfer to manufacture

Complete manufacturing pack and technical construction file. Knowledge transfer, formal compliance testing and ongoing manufacturing support.

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