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With experience and track record comes trust and success

With experience and track record comes trust and success

Fen is very thorough and careful in selecting who it allows to join its development team. Fen recognises its clients’ need for highly experienced engineers and project managers, to get moving quickly on a new project, with immediate value-add. Therefore, a typical Fen team member tends to have, on average, over 25 years of product development experience.

One of the benefits working at Fen brings to an advisory or consultative role, is the very broad exposure to product developments across a large number of industries and market sectors. This experience allows Fen engineers to share and map specific ideas and methods learned from one project scenario to what initially appears to be a completely unrelated product and/or market. This fresh thinking can bring step change improvements and break-through solutions to the table.

Fen has undertaken a number of difference advisory projects for its clients, some of these have involved quite specific technical challenges, relating to product performance, features and cost. In other instances clients have asked Fen to consider broad market concepts and how new product opportunities and advantages could be gained through lateral thinking. Other areas clients seek Fen’s support for include due diligence analysis, approvals plans, and investigating sets of options in order to provide a rationale and recommendations for the best way forward with a particular technical or market challenge.

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