I want my new product to run forever on a small battery

Power optimised hardware and software design is key

Power optimised hardware and software design is key

In a battery critical design, power budgets and system performance need to be integral to the design choices made early on in the system architecture process. This is because every aspect of the product design has its own part to play in meeting these key performance criteria.

In order to keep cost, size and weight to a minimum, good design choices need to be made when selecting the main components, developing low level software for peripheral drivers & low power states, and designing higher level usage profiles and application code for efficient product function. These design choices cannot be made in isolation but rather as part of an integrated approach to best-in-class product design.

Although increasingly Fen’s clients opt for rechargeable battery solutions, there are cases where disposable batteries are the better choice from a functional & cost perspective. However it is important in such cases to specify a disposable battery that is readily available in retail outlets found in the geographical locations where the product is to be used.

Attention must also be paid to the charging function in the design process. Fen regularly combines communications and power in a single standard cable/connector to minimise component costs and to align with readily available cabling options. Commonly used solutions in this area include USB and PoE.


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