I want my product to synchronously merge video and telemetry data

Advanced video compression standards, lean communications solutions and decreasing data costs means the goal of low cost video telemetry systems is within reach. Fen has delivered a number of highly synchronised systems to a variety of clients.

Different applications benefit from different levels of video/data synchronicity. The exact method deployed will depend on any one of a number of aspects of the system solution. Where the data and video sources are distributed, the comms methods used to connect them can sometimes present a challenge – there may be no sync signal available, and / or there may be non-deterministic delays introduced by the protocol stack or operating system itself.

Sometimes the system contains an internal master clock of questionable quality, in other cases there may be a reliable external timing source which may not easily map to all system elements. Cost, as always, is another factor to consider.

By means of an example, Fen has successfully synchronised a multi-video and telemetry source system over ethernet and USB, where the timing source was an external GPS module and system elements were both embedded Linux controlled and state-machine controlled. The high-level requirement was to be able to align 3D imaging and measurement parameters to sub-microsecond accuracy.

In another case Fen used the common timing source within an embedded system to graphically overlay system time on the video stream, and enabled video-editing-like manipulation of the video stream as a recorded experiment review function.

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