I want to add IoT to my existing product

Fen's engineers have considerable experience of integrating IoT technologies into existing products and bringing the many benefits of it becoming a connected product

Internet of Things

Fen activites involve both design of IoT products from scratch, and introduction of connectivity to existing products. Fen’s sympathetic approach to integration of the connectivity function is key to success when adding to established product designs. Working closely with the existing solution and its design authority, Fen ensures critical requirements on power, processor & memory loading, manufactuability and cost are maintained. Beyond these integration issues, our core IoT development experience skills are relevant to all connected product designs.

As one of our specialisms we offer the complete, in-house, end to end implementation of IoT including the following:

  • Miniaturised, embedded, low-power electronics hardware & software development
  • Data compression (lightweight over-the-air protocols)
  • Cross-platform, mobile app & web-page development
  • Secure server side software (web application frameworks & databases), cloud server
  • Complete system security due diligence review and solution implementation
  • Distant monitoring, diagnostics & over-the-air software upgrade
  • Connected home protocols & design solutions
  • Telemetry and tracking in multi-country and multi-standard scenarios
  • Mechanical design, including for wearable applications and other hostile environments

In addition to fully bespoke IoT implementations we have developed a range of our own proven software modules to simplify and shorten the task of implementing IoT over a wide range of applications as one option within a highly reliable and cost effective IoT capability.

Relatively few organisations offer a full end to end development service, from conceptual design to supporting installation, within one company, however Fen has been offering this service over many years to a range of consumer and professional equipment clients. In many cases this has included the introduction of IoT / connectivity to products already established in their market.


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