I want to update and improve my existing product

Better, faster, smaller.

I want to update and improve my existing product

Updating and improving products can come in a number of guises.

With the rapid development of the IoT product market, Fen has successfully delivered a number of product enhancement projects where established and successful products have had their profitable life extended through connection to the cloud. In many cases this has brought additional, secondary business benefits through improved supply chain management, after-market opportunities, and reconnection of the brand with its customers.

Sometimes Fen is asked to simply review a product design and take cost out of the BOM and/or production process. Whilst this is relatively straightforward it also presents an opportunity to improve user experience (UX) and enhance product feature specifications, at little or no incremental cost.

Fen is regularly called upon to use its extensive instrumentation design experience in up-spec’ing to next generation products. These developments often involve an intensive modelling and simulation process, looking at both new methods and improving existing methods, to take Fen’s clients into market leading positions.

There are many scenarios which call on a number of the above skills and methods in various combinations. Fen’s breadth of experience allows us to meet a wide variety of client product requirements.




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