Fen has a wide portfolio of consumer product designs, from ultra low cost through to higher end flagship products.

There are typically two types of customer that ask Fen to support them with their consumer electronics designs:

  1. Companies entering the market with little or no experience in consumer electronics design.
  2. Established consumer electronics companies looking to introduce new technology to refresh or broaden their  product portfolio.

In either scenario, Fen’s extensive skills and knowledge in product architecture and design, design for manufacture and test, and management of the new product journey to volume production and post release support prove very valuable. In this regard, Fen has successful track record in supporting early funding start-ups right through to established global brands such as Bosch.

Where we are asked to add new technology to existing products, it’s often in relation to the latest local area and/or cellular communication standards, leading edge sensing technologies, wearable electronics, accurate internal & external positioning and sophisticated power supply design for battery operated products, to name a few.

Fen’s experience gained in a wide range of sectors can bring enormous advantage to the consumer electronic design process. For example, in recent projects the exacting demands of our instrumentation sector designs have allowed us to deliver consumer product solutions to our clients that far exceed the performance of their best-in-class competitors for little or no cost premium.

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