What are YOUR drivers?

The scenarios below cover a range of situations which may reflect your own circumstances. Select a scenario relevant to your own interests and see examples of work we have done for clients with similar interests.

Fen have completed more than 400 development projects for 100+ clients. Each scenario below is configured to display past projects correlating to that scenario.
I want to add IoT to my existing product

Fen's engineers have considerable experience of integrating IoT technologies into existing products and bringing the many benefits of it becoming a connected product.

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I’m a non-technical entrepreneur and want to develop a new product

I have funds, a market and determination however I am not technical, so I need a development partner who will work with me on an open basis to bring the right product to market at the right cost and with the right features.

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I have a pressing development deadline to meet

Our seasoned engineers have accumulated a wealth of experience which they bring to bear on new projects to gain a flying start with a confident outcome and a shorter development timescale.

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I want my product to synchronously merge video and telemetry data

Fen sees an ever increasing need to reinforce measured effects with the use of video evidence and conversely more deeply understand video recorded events with solid data. With ever increasing affordable data bandwidth and more efficient video compression algorithms it is possible to merge the two. The real value comes from highly synchronising both elements.

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I have a development budget, but I need confidence my product will work before I commit to the full development project

Fen often gets involved at an early stage of our client’s product development process. At such time the client may need to build confidence in Fen as a credible development partner, and convince their internal customer that it is feasible to develop such a product in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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I want to design low cost into my product

For many of Fen's customers, their need is very straightforward; an existing product is too expensive to manufacture or support, but at the right price-point, it still has a part to play in their future product portfolio. There are however many other facets to cost that Fen gets involved in. Good design can save cost in manufacture, support, reliability and the use of common platforms. The key to success is to turn cost into opportunity.

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I need technical consultation and advice

Fen's clients tend to understand their products, markets and customers well. Sometimes they need support in navigating the path to their next success. In such circumstances there's no substitute for highly experienced, skilled engineers and project managers well versed in the product development process.

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I want to update and improve my existing product

This can mean different things to different customers. For some it's achieving a higher level spec of existing product parameters, for others it could mean introducing new features (e.g. IoT connectivity), improving UX or reducing the cost to manufacture. Increasingly, it means all of the above.  

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I want my new product to run forever on a small battery

Fen works in a number of market sectors where battery life is key. However, it's not good enough to simply achieve this in isolation. What often must sit alongside long battery life is small size/weight, low cost, and a product packed full of market leading functions. Fen is well versed in all the skills needed to meet all these requirements..

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I want to break free from my usual way of developing a new product

Insistence on in-house design & strict adherence to standard operating procedures can itself limit flexibility. In these situations, rather than grind against client company procedure, Fen strives to innovate within its constraints. Solution re-use, lateral thinking and agile methodologies promote rapid progress, efficient IP evolution and successful product outcomes.

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