I’m a non-technical entrepreneur and want to develop a new product

Fen, a suitably experienced and innovative, yet mature and open design company

Fen, a suitably experienced and innovative, yet mature and open design company

Having identified a gap in a market sector, an entrepreneur will often seek to capitalise on that discovery by bringing a new product to that market sector to fill the gap.

Entrepreneurs tend to be sufficiently talented to recognize the opportunity and have a good grasp of the technical requirements, but they may lack the technical expertise required to manage its development.

Establishing a trusting relationship with a suitably experienced, innovative, mature and open design company who will develop the product to specification, without retaining IP, is critical to successfully bringing a new product to market on time and within budget.

The more familiar that design team is with relevant technologies and protocols the greater the opportunity to translate the latest devices and techniques into innovative new products with a market edge; perhaps opening the door to previously closed markets in doing so.

Having completed in excess of 400 projects for around 100 clients since 2002 when the business was founded by five experienced development engineers. Fen’s engineers have a broad range of specialisms covering many different market and technology sectors, ensuring that any product developed by us will use the latest technology in hardware and software to create market leading products.

We operate a number of development strategies according to the nature, specification and timescales of each project, ensuring an optimum approach to each product development. Payment is commonly triggered by achievement of agreed milestones and where a clearly defined specification is available, by way of fixed price.

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